Thunderbird 2
Designer: Jeff Tracy
Engineer: Brains
Built: 2065
Pilot: Virgil Tracy
Type Super Sonic Transporter
Length: 249 feet
Wing span: 180 feet
Height: 159 feet
Unladen: 406 tons
Pay load: 100 tons
Max altitude: 150,000 feet
Speed: Mach 7
Color: Green
Hanger: Behind false rock face
Launch pad: Tilted platform
Landing: Horizontal


Thunderbird 2 is a two part craft, consisting of a super superstructure and a pod that when complete gives it has full integrity and stability.


The frame which incorperates; the cockpit, wings, fuel, stilts, and at the rear are the engines and spoiler to ais lift and stability. The craft is capable of vertical take off and landing and therefore requires no undercarriage. Hudraulic stilts enable the craft to lift clear of the pods.


A pod, which is the hold of the ship, also has undercarriage which enables the aircraft to reach the launch pad , and once locked into position, becomes integral with the main body. Pods have a vast capacity for storing the rescue equipment and machines. They are stored in the same hanger ready for use and easy loading.

Hanger and LaunchEdit

Thunderbird 2 is kept ready for action on Tracy Island in a hanger hidden behind a false rock face. After lowering from it's stilts on to the pod selected for the mission; the craft then is propelled to the launch pad which tilts enabling the craft to be deployed.


All mission requiring specialist equipment within earths atmosphere. For deploying equipment and vehicles, including Thunderbird 4 | Height: || 159 feet |- bgcolor="#0C2944" | Unladen: || 406 tons |- bgcolor="#0C2944" | Pay load: || 100 tons |- bgcolor="#0C2944" | Max altitude: || 150,000 feet |- bgcolor="#0C2944" | Speed: || Mach 7 |- bgcolor="#0C2944" | Color: || Green |- bgcolor="#0C2944" | Hanger: || Behind false rock face |- bgcolor="#0C2944" | Launch pad: || Tilted platform |- bgcolor="#0C2944" | Landing: || Horizontal |}

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